Chimney repairing services

We repair all types of roof valleys (Lead and Copper Valleys) and chimneys, we do complete replacement, limited replacement, and repair or refurbishment of the original valley or chimney.

The valley of a roof is the segment of the roof where the course of the roof changes or where a dormer or a bay window is installed into the roof. It directs the rainfall. When you are having problems with a leaking or seeping valley we can refurbish, renovate and seal the lead, copper, zinc or compliment whatever materials that are in the valleys.

The most popular way of securing a water proof valley is to use metals such as Lead, Copper, Aluminium and Zinc. Whether its tiles or slates we use reliable techniques, that way we give a superior quality repair that we will guarantee. Roof Valleys are also formed using roof tiles and can provide very long service.

Chimney flashing is a major concern for a lot of Irish homeowners as this can lead to a lot of damage internally around the chimney area. For example cracks on chimney, dislodged or slipped tiles/slates. Brickwork around a chimney can also degrade over time from the Irish weather or the heat that is generated by the chimney itself. We can take care of all of these and more. If you think your chimney has leakage or is in need of a lookover, please call. We don’t charge any call out fee and we have the right equipment and tools to check it out safely and accurately.